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UTECH produces a growing number of tightly focused, business-critical conferences in key topics. The conferences, produced by a dedicated conference team led by Simon Robinson, target important trends such as sustainability and market segments such as Cast polyurethane, Adhesives, Sealants and Elastomers as stand alone events. Our Regular UTECH meetings combine conferences with exhibitions.

Delegates gain valuable, actionable business insights that enable them to return to work with new ideas and contacts that can help drive their businesses forward more profitably.

Conferences are a great way to get your company linked to a great new idea. There is a wide array of sponsorship packages on offer for each of our conferences.

Gain valuable exposure for your company. Position your firm at the technological edge or as a business leader in developing market. Raise your profile and win new business.

Congress Grey 2017

UTECH Congress 2017

UTECH plans to hold its UTECH Urethanes Automotive Congress on 12-13 October in Amsterdam, the…

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Being accepted to speak at a UTECH Conference marks you out as an industry thought leader


Gain valuable marketing capital, and leads when you firm becomes a UTECH Conference sponsor.


Visiting a highly focused UTECH Conferences is an excellent way to gain knowledge and a competitive edge.