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Mould release with fewer releases

Mould release agents play a vital role in the moulded polyurethane foam sector, but their choice involves balancing a number of factors including environmental impact, cost and efficiency in use.

Fig 7: Production data showing waste quotients for cutting line from MyFoamPlant software

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Monitoring cutting processes to increase productivity

Squaring up newly made blocks, cutting and trimming foam into shape are operations offering opportunities for smart plant owners with the right combinations of software and machinery to reduce waste and improve efficiency. Francis Pinckers, Vice President of Fecken-Kirfel explains.

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Europe’s flex foamers do surprisingly well

One of the highlights of the EuroPUR annual meeting is the market review of the European flexible polyurethane foam market. This year Angela Austin took us through the numbers as Simon Robinson reports.

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Europe’s flexible foamers did surprisingly well in 2015

Sales of the European flexible foam industry grew by 5.2% in 2015, Angela Austin of Labyrinth a Research & Markets told delegates to the 2016 EuroPUR annual meeting in Brussels in June.

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Bio feedstock and recycling vision drives Dendro innovation

IKEA partner Dendro’s sales revenues topped PLN 400m in 2014. Michal Soltysinski, the firm’s head of PU foam production, told Urethanes Technology International his hopes for strengthening the partnership with one of the world’s biggest furniture retailers.

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Vita Polymers Poland

In 2014, Vita Polymers Poland (VPP) sales of PLN 298m and a profit in excess of PLN71m. The firm employs 300 staff in Poland.

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Poland’s PU foam density debate

There are conflicting views on what the end customer wants from flexible polyurethane foam density in soft furnishing and bedding

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EuroPUR 2015: Steady growth for flexible foam in Europe

The European flexible polyurethane foam market has shown steady demand growth, according to figures produced by EuroPUR at its 2015 annual meeting in Frankfurt in early June 2015.

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Emerox and Infigreen polyols in HR foams

Emery Oleochemicals has introduced Emerox renewable and Infigreen recycled polyols as part of its range of eco-friendly polyols for flexible polyurethanes. These have potential applications in the automotive sector where OEMs are increasingly demanding green alternatives to conventional materials.

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Designing seat foam additives to reduce emissions

ICL has developed two halogen-free flame retardants Fyrol HF-9 and Fyrol HF-10 which are designed to work effectively in polyester and polyether foam formulations.



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