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Canadian SPS success

By David Reed, UT EditorBoucherville, Canada-Solicor, the business unit of Canam Group Inc. specialised in the fabrication and marketing of the SPS (Sandwich Plate System) technology, has secured its first commercial contract for the polyurethane-elastomer-based system. The SPS system, developed by Canadian group Intelligent Engineering in conjunction with Elastogran GmbH, the PU subsidiary of BASF Group, comprises two steel plates between which a PU elastomer formulation is injected. The composite formed on curing is stronger, lighter and more damage-resistant than the traditional steel constructions widely used in North America, the firms claim.The lower weight of SPS results in smaller infrastructures and lower costs, and the system also increases service life, a 23 Aug Solicor statement added.Valued at C$650 000 ($530 000), the Canadian contract is for the rehabilitation of the deck of a bridge on Highway 108 over the Massawippi River in Lennoxville, Quebec. The project will be carried out in cooperation with the Eastern Townships Directorate of the Quebec Ministry of Transport and the leaders of the municipality, the statement from Solicor said. The Solicor team’s involvement in this project will make it possible to rehabilitate the bridge much more rapidly than by using the traditional concrete method, which was rejected because it would have meant the construction of a new bridge rather than the restoration of the existing bridge,” said Luc Pelland, president of Solicor. It will also be possible – thanks to the lighter weight of the structural steel frame – to preserve the existing foundations and arches of the bridge, which is designated as having historical heritage value. “This aspect not only delighted our customer but also helped us land this contract,” he added.The contract involves changing the central deck and widening one of the pavements to incorporate a bicycle path. The 43.5 by 12-metre bridge will use 18 SPS panels. Solicor says it will produce these shop-fabricated panels in the coming days, with delivery to the site scheduled to be in the first week of October. The project is expected to take a month to complete, the Solicor statement added.The fabrication of all the other structural elements of the project, including main girders, transversal beams and bracing, was awarded to Structal-Bridges, another business unit of Canam Group.Canam Group is an industrial company operating 12 plants specialised in the design and fabrication of construction products and solutions. The company employs close to 3000 people in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Romania and India.”



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