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Cannon adds calendar to range—FREE!

By David Reed, UT Editor

London-Italy’s Cannon Group has added a new item to its range, a 2005 calendar (note the spelling!) and, while everyone can view the whole calendar and its predecessors at (www.thecannongroup.com/News/calendar.asp), free full-size (70 x 100 cm) print copies will be sent to the first 100 people responding to this notice by Email at: (communication@cannon.it).

Created by Stefano Risso, retired former sales manager with the firm’s polyurethane machine-making unit in Milan, this calendar shows the Spanish Armada of 1588 being repulsed by the English fleet, with a little help from the weather (of course, this is Britain!).

While battle rages at sea, there is panic on shore, the calendar documentation explains. The castle shown is the headquarters of a large machinery-making enterprise and they are worried about the possible invasion! Flags are lowered quickly, and stuff is packed: products, patents, documents and supplies will be moved to a safer site, further inland.

The Big Boss coordinates the move, while keeping an eye on the rapid production of gun carriages he owes to the Crown; they are made from solid polyurethane [In 1588? Ed!], they are robust, light and won’t rot with British weather. He designed special presses to mould them, see the patented ‘hammer operated’ clamping latches, and the pneumatic mould-cleaning system?

After manufacture, the parts are delivered to a modern assembly line, where they are fitted with axles and wheels: people have never seen such organisation around here! It’s progress, you see? At the end of the line the bronze guns – provided by the Royal Arsenal – are fitted on the carriages, and sent quickly to the front line, where they are eagerly needed to face the landing of the enemy’s fleet. Even Francis Bacon and the landlord, the Earl of Essex, can’t resist visiting this revolutionary assembly line: are they debating about its production philosophy?


I presume the Shakespeare character is keeping the production line workers entertained, but I don’t know what the fox hunters are doing on the cliff top, getting ready to jump, perhaps? [There is a big debate in the UK over this issue at present, with legislation to ban the hunting of foxes with hounds from February next year. Ed.]

With pleasure I note the presence of two good pubs, but am worried that it can’t be long before some interfering European body starts complaining about the smoke from the chimneys!

This is the twelfth edition of a Cannon calendar, the first being issued back in 1992 to celebrate the Anniversary of the discovery of America, with subsequent editions wandering through history from Greeks to the Vikings, via Brazil and China.

Cannon is offering to send a free copy of this year’s poster to the first 100 applicants: Contact Email: (communication@cannon.it).



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